My Wife Thinks I’m A Nerd

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Some background on me. My wife and I met when we were freshman in college at the American University in Washington, DC. We are both 47 now, so we basically grew up together.


When I was younger, I hated reading. Give me a math problem - no problem. Give me a book - no way!


But then I went to law school (yes, I was a lawyer in a past life - don’t hold it against me) and started to appreciate reading, particularly non-fiction. Every time I pick up a book to read, without fail my wife laughs and calls me a nerd. Probably doesn’t help that I need reading glasses now!


One of my favorite authors is Simon Sinek  He has an extremely popular Ted talk called “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” I make all of my employees watch this Ted talk and encourage them to read the full book, "Start With Why."


Years ago, I came across a quote:


Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you’ll be successful.


The quote is often attributed to Buddha, but was actually written by Albert Sweitzer, a French theologian.


In my opinion, Simon Sinek's writings and speeches speak to this quote, which is probably why I enjoy them. Big picture, he says that most businesses describe themselves starting with “What” - what they do or make. But instead they should start with “Why.” I agree with this philosophy because without purpose, how can you achieve happiness? 


Don’t mean to get all philosophical on you here and hope I’m not boring you. But, I wanted to share Elevaso Tequila's “Why?” “How?” and “What?” with you.


Why: To explore and understand the unique flavors and aromas of tequila, and share those findings with other TEQurious people!


How: I collaborate with Mauricio, our master distiller, to draw on his 20 years of experience to naturally achieve unique aromas and flavors using aeration, barreling, and filtering techniques.




My wife thinks I’m a nerd for all the reading I do - wait until she reads this post!!


🥃🥃-Ross Elgart, Owner, Elevaso Tequila


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