When The Wife Asks For Elevaso Tequila You Better Deliver!

When The Wife Asks For Elevaso Tequila You Better Deliver!

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So, it's Saturday night and we are getting ready to go out. Then out of nowhere, my wife asks me to pour her some Elevaso Blanco - that's a sign that she's up for a fun evening. This is not a unique occurrence in my house, but in order to fully appreciate it, you need some background.


I've mentioned before that my wife and I met in college. While at college she only drank Pineapple Malibu or any blue colored drink - doesn't get more college girl than that! After college she became more calorie conscious and virtually cut out drinking all together (translation - no fun for Ross!).


As we got older (and I could afford it) we took our first of many trips to Napa. That's where she discovered wine and the party was back on. But that got old fast for her. She decided she only liked wine when drinking it in Napa. Short of moving to Napa, this became an expensive proposition!


Then I started Elevaso, pursuing my passion for tequila. When I released my Extra Añejo, she tried it and liked it - or should I say she liked it better than any other tequila she ever drank. She bought into the lack of carbs, the low calories, the no hangovers because there are not additives and no mixers, etc. But, she wasn't a tequila drinker yet.


So, I brought her down to Mexico to work with Mauricio and me on our Blanco. It became my mission to create a tequila that she would truly enjoy, and a Blanco that I could truly enjoy (I'm generally more of an Extra Añejo drinker). We left Mexico with an unbelievable creation - our Elevaso "El Principio" Blanco. It maintained the naturally sweet flavor of agave and was unbelievably smooth.


This leads me back to Saturday night. The fact that she now asks for Elevaso Blanco on the rocks (not even a Vaso Soda) regularly is better than any of the testimonials we've received. The Pineapple Malibu queen is now a tequila drinker. She is a walking testimonial to what we've created!


This post is for the husbands out there. If my Pineapple Malibu wife enjoys Elevaso Blanco on the rocks, I can pretty much guarantee your wives will, as well. As a side note, evenings that start with Elevaso Blanco never disappoint!


🥃🥃-Ross Elgart, Owner, Elevaso Tequila


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